Benefits Office Home

The Ironworkers Local 580 Trust Funds are the Employee Benefits Plans providing, among other things, pension and health benefits to both active and retired participants as well as their dependants and beneficiaries; annuity, scholarship and vacation benefits to active participants; educational programs for active participants; and programs for the betterment of the Ornamental Iron Working Industry.

The Local 580 Insurance, Pension, Annuity, Vacation, Scholarship & Educational Funds have been organized under the Taft Hartley Act of 1947 and are managed by a Joint Board of Trustees consisting  of  both Union and Employer representatives who have an equal vote and who serve with unselfish dedication on behalf of the participants and their families. 

These Funds have been established with the specific purpose of providing health care and a better way of life for the members of Local 580.

The Administrator of these Funds can be reached at the following address:

Local 580 Fund Office
501 W. 42nd St.
2nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10036
Phone:  212 695-5206
Fax:  212 947-5719