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Since the inception of the Local 580 Apprenticeship Journeyman Education Fund (A.J.E.F.), in the late 1950's, all apprenticeship training was conducted at trade and vocational schools. In 1970, our classes were held at the Co-op Tech High School in Manhattan until 1996, when we moved to the Bronx to the Alfred E.Smith High School. At that time, those schools were adequate for the training that we conducted.

In 2001, the Local 580 A.J.E.F. purchased a building in Long Island City, NY, and renovated it in 2004. The Local 580 Ironworkers and the A.J.E.F. had their own home for the first time to meet the demands of the ever growing new requirements and certifications of the ornamental ironworking industry. The Local 580 A.J.E.F. is proud to show off their state of the art training facility. In today's environment, the competition is fierce, so in order to compete, we need to produce highly skilled apprentices and journeymen ironworkers. 

At the Local 580 Training Facility, we teach all aspects of ornamental ironworking. Our members are skilled specialists in burning, welding, rigging, installing curtain wall, stairs, doors, windows and fence and guard rail. Some types of metals we work with are iron, bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and other exotic metals. These are just some of the aspects of our trade that Local 580 A.J.E.F. offers. Please take this opportunity to browse through our website to learn about your possible future.

From here, the Training Center branches off into two sectors:

Training Center News

+++++ ALL CLASSES CANCELLED 3/14/2017 +++++
Mon, Mar 13, 2017

Tuesday 3/14/2017 - School is closed due to inclement weather. All classes cancelled.

Expiring Certificates
Mon, Mar 23, 2015

Attention 580 members, please be aware that the following certificates expire:


GED/HS Diploma requirement
Wed, Mar 4, 2015

As of 3/4/2015, a copy of GED or High School Diploma must be submitted with apprenticeship program application.

AWS Welder Certification Renewal
Tue, Sep 2, 2014

Click here to download your welding certification renewal information and instructions.

MTA Track training directions
Wed, Apr 9, 2014

Click here to download directions for MTA Track training classes

Drug Testing
Thu, Sep 1, 2011

Random drug testing will begin in September 2011 for apprentice program.

Training Center (AJEF) Events

There are currently no scheduled events.


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